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         Mr. B. Krishnaiah

Dear Friend,


In this fast paced world, where we spend the better part of our lives trying to keep pace with the rapid changes happening all around, it's not surprising that peace of mind eludes us most of the time. While this may seem like a situation beyond our control, the fact is, it is not.

Peace has a deeper meaning, to understand which, all we need to do is look deep within our inner selves. And to make this possible, there could be nothing better than a living environment that's conducive to this search within.

At BSCPL, it's this spiritual understanding combined with years of experience in constructions that has led us to promote Bollineni Ventures at Chennai, Hyderabad, Dubai & Puttaparthi.

Bollineni Projects are more than just a residential projects. Considering the kind of passion and devotion that our designers and architects have put into its creation, it's more a temple where nothing but peace resides.

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